International Travel Information

Members of the geothermal community from around the globe will converge in Hawai’i for the 2024 Geothermal Rising Conference. Although many international participants will be able to travel to/from Hawai’i using their passport, some international travelers will also need to obtain a U.S. Visa. If you are unsure of the Visa policy that impacts you, we encourage you to view the resources below. If you do require a Visa, we urge you to plan for this now! Check with your local consulate office to schedule your appointment, as the process could take 6 months to complete. 

Click on the links below to learn more about the U.S. Visa process and requirements.

What is a US Visa? 

Learn more about the different types of Visas

Did you know? Traveling to the 2024 Geothermal Rising Conference would be considered business travel.

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Frequently asked questions

The 2024 Geothermal Rising Conference staff team is here to assist you in traveling to the conference. Please reach out to if your application requires additional documentation, such as a letter of invitation.