Workshop 6: Tailoring Well Construction Operations for Geothermal Wells

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM | Saturday, October 26

Well construction technology is a key factor in the calculation of the CAPEX of a geothermal well. It can also impact the OPEX when workovers are required. Today, the industry is looking at various technologies to harvest heat from the ground, the so-called hydro-geothermal systems, enhanced geothermal systems, closed loop geothermal systems, and advanced geothermal systems.  

A lot of data is published either from R&D projects, industrial case histories, or technology providers. It is important to understand the value of sharing this information among the geothermal developer stakeholders:

  • What are the key technologies required for the wells of each geothermal system?

  • Which technologies are unique to the wells of a geothermal system?

  • Is a technology developed for the wells of one geothermal system useful for the wells of another one?

  • What are the new technologies required to improve well construction performance and reduce costs?

  • What is the way forward in terms of R&D and industry collaboration?

This workshop will be divided into two 90-minute sessions with three 15-minute presentations followed by a 15-minute discussion:

1.    The first session will be dedicated to the drilling aspects: Drill rig, drill bits, tubular, and performance.

2.    The second session will be dedicated to fluids: Drilling mud, cementing, and lost circulation.

Lunch and break service are included in the workshop registration fees ($295).